Great players know there IS no OFFseason!! So whether you’re in season or out of season never let your game be OFF…


Become a better player by getting private sessions from former All-American and WNBA rookie of the year Coach Tracy Reid. Get the one on one attention you need to improve your game and compete with the BEST.


Are you willing to work harder than your opponents? To train with intensity? To get the fundamentals down??? Are u willing to push yourself like never before? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you’re definitely ready to take on the challenge.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a first timer or just want to improve your game. These sessions will be sure to improve your ball handling, shooting, footwork, passing, and more importantly – your CONFIDENCE.



Coaches, get your team ready for the season with a fresh perspective from former All-American, WNBA Rookie of the Year Tracy Reid. Now a high school coach and trainer, let Coach Reid help you and your staff take your team to new heights.


Team sessions includes: conditioning techniques, agility training, focus training, and several offense and defensive drills to get your team ready for the upcoming season. Sessions to take place at your school.



One million young men and women lace up their sneakers to play high school basketball every year in the United States. Many of them dream of playing in college. We all wants the best for the young athletes in our lives but the fact remain, about 3% of high school basketball players will play in college.


The sad reality is we all know some great former athletes who never left the old park courts. They didn’t have an understanding recruiting process and lacked a plan. Most families don’t have experience in this. Who do you trust? Even the average family can’t decipher the NCAA recruiting process. Core classes? Official visits? SAT vs ACT? Huh?


As a former highly recruited Division 1 athlete, a professional basketball player and now a high school coach, Coach Reid has a unique perspective on the recruiting process. Let her experience help your players and families make reasonable goals, know where to find accurate information and reach them early enough in the process so they can position themselves to take advantage if that prized offer shows up. Even if your athletes aren’t headed to play in college, find out how basketball can be a tool to help each valuable lessons for student-athletes.